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“Love was never too kind on me”, said the girl in her wedding dress. “are you sure, was it love, or it was just you? “, asked her best man. Bewildered, she pulled her veil, walking towards the car. She was trying to identify the fragrance of the flowers, she was holding. “Why would someone gift me these purple lilacs?”. The best man said, “these, my little bride, is for that first emotion of love, you once felt when I gifted you the favorite doll of yours, this is to remind you, of all those times, when you danced in happiness whenever I came home with your favorite chocolate. This is to remind you of that time, when you fell down every time you tried walking, but that taught you to run. Nothing falls back forever my girl. Love, was never unkind. It was you, who was hard on yourself. Love was always a step ahead of you, for you to learn to walk, to get to love. Love is like those steps you took, after falling down every time. It is that space where you get lost at the first bite of your favorite chocolate, for a moment may be, but you live a whole life in that moment. My child, love never left you heart broken. It is you, who never opened the doors to that sunlight, when the room was too cold to breathe, in December.”

~Nina Borah~

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